100% local France-made manufacturing

Our BOISNORÉ® production process exemplifies circular economy, deeply ingrained in the agricultural tradition of the Bordeaux region in France. Following each storm, the fallen resinous trees in our forest estate, located near Bordeaux, are meticulously harvested with the help of our draft horses. These trees are then processed into a fine and valuable wood flour.

This wood flour is combined with bio-sourced corn starch to produce a biodegradable FFF composite filament. Uniquely designed for our 3D printers, which are customized for printing with BOISNORÉ®, this filament beautifully merges agricultural tradition with technological innovation. Our dedication to local and eco-friendly production establishes BOISNORÉ® as a distinctive example of green technology, in perfect harmony with our regional heritage in France.

BOISNORÉ®, the techno-agricultural innovation at the service of VM and fashion

Born from cutting-edge research and development, we have created BOISNORÉ®: a wood-based 3D printing technology designed to produce biodegradable display stands, props and mannequins.


The virtuous cycle from forest to storefront


Since 2020, Saint-Honoré Paris has been revolutionizing the 3D printing industry with BOISNORÉ®, a groundbreaking technological advancement. This innovative wood-based 3D filament, born from extensive research and development, is crafted from trees that have naturally fallen in our forests. It is utilized to create unique fashion props and window display stands – a pioneering feat in the industry. This innovation, developed with meticulous attention to optimize its quality, stands as a source of pride for our House. It perfectly encapsulates the fusion of cutting-edge technology with traditional agricultural methods.

Lightweight, sturdy, customizable with over 100 parameters, and biodegradable, discover here examples of display stands that can be produced with BOISNORÉ®

A technology proven by big names in fashion

Saint-Honoré Paris’s commitment to sustainable development is reinforced by the collaboration with renowned partner brands such as Galeries Lafayette, Figaret, Eden Park, Maison Kitsuné, and Agnès-B, who use BOISNORÉ® displays on a large scale as pioneers since 2020. These collaborations have been crucial for the development and reliability of BOISNORÉ®, highlighting its unique ability to combine high technology with agricultural principles.

We are deeply committed to the valorization of our forest resources and offer innovative and suitable solutions for the fashion and luxury sector at both European and global levels.

Loup, Nolo, and Lancelot: Four-Legged allies

Unique in the VM and fashion industry, we own and train our own draft horses dedicated to the logging of our forests. The harvested wood fuels a part of our production of wooden displays and 100% of our needs for wood powder that composes BOISNORÉ®.


Poitevin Breed Horses

At Saint-Honoré Paris, we believe in a holistic approach to sustainability. That’s why we own, train, and integrate our own draft horses, Loup, Nolo, and Lancelot, into our forest management process. These faithful companions do more than just preserve our environment; they play a key role for our client brands by producing high-quality wood used in the manufacture of our wooden window displays stands and and window display mannequins with our in-house revolutionary BOISNORÉ® 3D printing technology.

Guardians of the Environment in Fashion

Our draft horses are not just guardians of the environment; they also serve fashion. By working in harmony with nature, they help us preserve the exceptional quality of our wood, which is at the heart of our wooden window displays stands and BOISNORÉ®. Our horses embody our commitment to sustainability and quality, values that we convey through our window displays.