About us

Since 1896: A Journey of Multiple Stories into One

A Unique Tale of Tradition and Innovation

Roots (May 27, 1896): It all begins near Saint-Émilion in Aquitaine, France, with the acquisition of the first family forest parcel. While these alder buckthorn, ash, oak, and hornbeam trees weren’t yet destined for the production of furniturs, they supplied the local industry with stakes and furniture.

Growth and Diversity (1920-1931): The domain expands, encompassing 22 forest parcels and a 7-hectare vineyard in the Montagne Saint-Émilion appellation, known for its exceptional diversity, including vineyards, moorland, and forests.

A Test of Resilience (1974): During the oil crisis, our family property faced a challenging period, fragmenting and losing its vineyard. The remaining 13 forests, left untended, marked the beginning of nearly 40 years of uninterrupted forest development, becoming a valuable wood resource and a carbon sink.

Renaissance and Innovation (2017): In 2017, Geoffrey Delpy takes the reins of the neglected family estate, rich in forests with solid potential. New ideas emerge, leading to the creation of the first collections of metal and wooden display stands in Paris at 14 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré under the Forme International brand, combining industry with French style. The forest domain is revitalized in a new light.

Environmental Commitment (2019): In 2019, the company undergoes restructuring and rebrands as Saint-Honoré Paris, paying homage to our Parisian heritage and a pilgrim’s medal depicting Saint-Honoré found on our estate during plantings. The Paris office is reinforced by a new technical center in Bordeaux, at the heart of the aerospace and space industrial area, near the forest domain. This year also marks the creation of the Domaine Saint-Honoré environmental program, aimed at eco-compensating and offsetting carbon emissions for each produced display stands.

Pioneers of 3D Wood Printing (2020): In 2020, we make significant investments in 3D printing, embarking on ambitious research and development to connect our forests with 3D printing technology. Saint-Honoré Paris becomes the world’s first company to master the production of 3D wood filament and the printing of wooden display stands and mannequins, giving birth to BOISNORÉ®. A new technical center spanning nearly 300 square meters is established for designing and prototyping all Saint-Honoré Paris collections and BOISNORÉ® productions.

Acquisition and Training of Draft Horses (2022): In 2022, we make a bold decision to acquire draft horses and recruit a renowned specialist in the field. Using horses for forest management is an environmentally-friendly approach, reducing our reliance on machinery and tractors. This traditional method contributes to the protection of the forest ecosystem and strengthens our connection to heritage and sustainable practices. It also assures fashion and haute couture brands that Saint-Honoré Paris is deeply committed to infusing French agriculture into its wooden display cabinets.

Present Day

Today, Saint-Honoré Paris remains true to its core mission: the design and production of metal and wooden display stands, also called “props” for fashion and luxury brands. Our success is built on a unique combination of design excellence and unwavering commitment to sustainability, a commitment truly embraced through the ownership and operation of our own forest domain. Each display stand is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and a special focus on details, reflecting the elegance and prestige of the brands they represent. Our work represents the perfect fusion and balance between technology, agriculture, and fashion.